President Trump

Mark Ronchetti is a proud conservative who supports President Trump, because his policies are improving the lives of New Mexicans. As a result of those policies, unemployment rates are at historic lows, our military has been rebuilt which directly impacts New Mexico’s bases and labs, and new oil and gas revenue has led to a massive state surplus. Most importantly, the Trump administration is sending federal resources to help tackle the crime epidemic in New Mexico. Unfortunately, our congressional delegation is so blinded by partisanship they refuse to work across the aisle, even when doing so would benefit New Mexicans.


Mark believes you should never hate your political opponents more than you love New Mexico. We must elect a U.S. Senator who will always put the people of New Mexico first.

Jobs and the Economy

Mark believes the way to spur job creation is through lower taxes and limited government. Mark does not believe the government should pick winners and losers through special deals created by lobbyists in DC, but rather the government should provide a fair and level playing field for all businesses to grow and prosper.


Given that over 60% of jobs created since the Great Recession have been created by small businesses, it’s critical that we do all we can to support small businesses growth – and that means getting rid of expensive, job-killing regulations.


Mark believes life is a gift from God and every person has dignity and worth. Life should be protected – at all stages. With respect to abortion, he is strongly pro-life.  


Mark is appalled by the insistence of so many on the left that abortion should be allowed up to the

very point of birth. He believes unborn babies have souls, can feel emotions, and are every bit a 

human being; they just happen to be living inside their mother.  


In our state especially, those who believe in the sanctity of life come from all sorts of backgrounds, religions, and political affiliations. Valuing and protecting the lives of the unborn should be an issue

that brings us together, and it’s absolutely a worthy and important cause to fight for.



Mark is a gun owner and a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.  


Hunting, sport shooting, and gun collecting have all long been part of the New Mexico way of life and culture. And, for so many, gun ownership is a key way to protect themselves and their property from harm.  


As Senator, Mark will always fight to protect our constitutional right to bear arms.

Border Security


Mark opposes amnesty and believes our first objective in solving the immigration crisis is to secure our border.


The border crisis continues to have a huge impact on New Mexico. Our border counties have borne the brunt of a failed political process in Washington that prioritizes political infighting over common sense solutions.  We must secure our southern border through a wide variety of methods from barriers, to drones, to additional border staff. The flow of illegal drugs from Mexico is fueling crime across the state. Right now, New Mexico acts as the superhighway for America’s drug addiction. Meanwhile, inaction in Washington continues putting New Mexico at risk. The political bickering must stop. This will not be easy to accomplish especially with the partisanship in Washington, but the cost of doing nothing becomes more devastating every day.


Mark believes we must have a multi-faceted approach to tackling this problem.


First, we must secure the border with physical barriers, technology and an increased number of border patrol agents. Next, we must close the asylum-loophole that is creating a crisis at the border by encouraging migrants to come to the United States and claim asylum when they do not qualify.


Mark supports legal immigration but opposes amnesty. Those seeking citizenship should do so the right way, and those who break the law to come here shouldn’t be allowed to “jump the line” ahead of those who have been waiting.


Mark opposes government-run Medicare for All. Bernie Sanders and Ben Ray Lujan’s socialist health care ideas do not work and do not represent New Mexico.


Mark supports protecting coverage for those who have pre-existing conditions and making sure they have the care they need.


Increasing and improving access to healthcare is possible by supporting policies that lower costs while protecting quality and choice. Every American should be able to pick the healthcare plan that they want, not one the government picks for them.



For decades, our political leaders have accepted the high crime levels as a way of life in New Mexico. The reality is we have lax laws passed by political leaders who cluelessly ignore our most pressing crisis. This has led to the hijacking of our beautiful way of life.  Now we all live with the fear that we can’t keep our families safe. Albuquerque is one of the most violent cities in the nation. It doesn’t have to be this way!  


We badly need new leadership who won’t tolerate what has been tolerated for so long.  Mark believes that from the federal-level down to our smallest towns more must be done to get our crime epidemic under control. As your US Senator, Mark will work tirelessly with the Department of Justice to get more federal task force resources and additional assistant US Attorneys to put criminals away. 


Mark also supports measures to eliminate sanctuary city laws around the country that allow illegal immigrants who commit crimes to be released back into our communities, rather than being deported.


It will take years to reform the laws that let criminals out quickly on state and local charges. However, federal laws have teeth, and we will go after criminals in a way that will keep them off our streets.

Military and Veterans

President Trump has increased defense spending and brought thousands of jobs to New Mexico, and Mark will fight with the President to continue investing in the state. 

Mark supports a strong national defense and understands the important role our labs and bases play in New Mexico. Mark supports increasing pay for those who serve in the military, because he wants to put those who defend America first. Additionally, Mark will fight to protect the benefits our veterans have earned and create an environment where it is easier for veterans to get access to the care that they need. Veterans should have access to a wider array of services to guarantee their needs are met and that they are able to receive the care they deserve.



Mark believes in an all-of-the-above approach to developing energy resources in New Mexico and the United States. 

Energy independence is vital to our national security, and New Mexico must always be at the forefront of providing energy to the world. It’s in our DNA as a state. New Mexico must continue to be aggressive and focused on producing oil and gas, wind, solar, geothermal, and other forms of energy. Fortunately, President Trump is helping grow new energy jobs in New Mexico - and creating a massive state budget surplus in the process. 

Mark believes that it’s possible - and necessary - to both develop our energy resources and protect our environment. These goals do not have to compete with one another.



Mark opposes the so-called “Green New Deal,” believing it would destroy New Mexico’s energy economy, cause massive state budget cuts to education and health care spending, make the U.S. less competitive economically, and drive up the cost of living, working, farming, and running a business in America. 

Climate change can and must be addressed, but Mark is tired of those who believe that dismantling our energy economy is the only way to do so. Mark is opposed to policies or agreements that put the U.S. economy at a disadvantage globally, while the world’s largest polluters - India and China - sit idly by and refuse to engage in meaningful environmental impact reduction.


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