Border Security

Mark opposes amnesty and believes our first objective in solving the immigration crisis is to secure our border.


The border crisis continues to have a huge impact on New Mexico. Our border counties have borne the brunt of a failed political process in Washington that prioritizes political infighting over common sense solutions.  We must secure our southern border through a wide variety of methods from barriers, to drones, to additional border staff. The flow of illegal drugs from Mexico is fueling crime across the state. Right now, New Mexico acts as the superhighway for America’s drug addiction. Meanwhile, inaction in Washington continues putting New Mexico at risk. The political bickering must stop. This will not be easy to accomplish especially with the partisanship in Washington, but the cost of doing nothing becomes more devastating every day.


Mark believes we must have a multi-faceted approach to tackling this problem.


First, we must secure the border with physical barriers, technology and an increased number of border patrol agents. Next, we must close the asylum-loophole that is creating a crisis at the border by encouraging migrants to come to the United States and claim asylum when they do not qualify.


Mark supports legal immigration but opposes amnesty. Those seeking citizenship should do so the right way, and those who break the law to

come here shouldn’t be allowed to “jump the line” ahead of those who

have been waiting.


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